BollettaMaster: the application map-ready Generative AI service that zeros order entry time 

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficiency and customer-centricity are crucial factors that can make or break a company. For utility companies, the process of contract acquisition has long been a time-consuming task, especially with manual data entry from utility bills. However, with the advent of artificial intelligence, Dazerolab has developed an innovative solution: BollettaMaster. This cutting-edge software utilises Generative AI to automate data extraction from electricity and gas bills, significantly reducing order entry time and costs, while streamlining the digital onboarding of new customers during the sales process.

Powerful use of Generative AI: automating data entry for utilities

Given that up to 70% of sales in the utility sector are now conducted remotely, automating data entry has become increasingly crucial to cut time and use of resources. To address this challenge, BollettaMaster has emerged as a solution, harnessing the potential of AI to streamline and expedite the contract acquisition process. By utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, BollettaMaster enables the seamless extraction of data from utility bills, transforming an otherwise time-consuming task into an efficient and automated process. The implementation of BollettaMaster empowers companies in the utility industry to unlock valuable time, enhance operational efficiency, and ultimately elevate their customer-centric approach. Simplifying customer onboarding further adds to the myriad of benefits, ensuring a smoother and more satisfying experience for both businesses and customers alike.

Generative AI power at work: process any invoice data instantly and without training for any type of template or vendor 

Not only BollettaMaster stands at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, harnessing the capabilities of state-of-the-art AI systems to revolutionize the utility sector by zeroing data entry times, but does so without any need to be trained on invoice templates as it recognises them automatically. At its core, the platform combines the prowess of an advanced Intelligent OCR system, which exhibits remarkable accuracy in extracting text from utility bills, even when faced with challenging conditions. This, in conjunction with a powerful generative AI algorithm, ensures that information is delivered in a structured and easily usable format. By rapidly and precisely interpreting data from utility bills, BollettaMaster significantly streamlines the once time-consuming data entry process during the contract phase. As a result, the software provides only the necessary and relevant information, eliminating any superfluous data and further enhancing the efficiency of the entire acquisition process. With BollettaMaster’s exceptional AI-driven capabilities, companies in the utility industry can now optimize their operations, save valuable time, and deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

Effortless integration in your application map thanks to AWS

BollettaMaster does all this with a plus: we wanted to create software ready-to-use that doesn’t add work to our clients’ processes. This is why it’s AWS-based, so to simplify the implementation process within your company’s existing application map. AWS offers a robust and intuitive environment, making it easy for businesses to seamlessly adopt and integrate BollettaMaster into their workflows. With AWS’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation, the entire integration process becomes a straightforward endeavour, requiring minimal effort and technical expertise.

One of the key advantages of leveraging AWS for BollettaMaster’s implementation is its exceptional scalability. As your business grows and data processing needs expand, AWS can effortlessly accommodate these changes, ensuring that BollettaMaster continues to perform optimally even with increasing workloads. This flexibility allows your organization to scale its operations seamlessly, meeting the demands of a dynamic business landscape. To do so, we have created our tool in two versions, so to accommodate any of your needs.

One powerful tool, with two versatile versions 

Thanks to the wide possibilities of being an AWS-based service, BollettaMaster can boast different solutions for different applications. We offer two versions designed to cater to varying business needs and requirements.

Standard Version

The Standard Version of BollettaMaster provides an excellent starting point for businesses looking to streamline their utility bill data extraction process. Priced at a competitive rate of 0.3€ per page, this version allows for the efficient extraction of data from utility bills. This version is specifically designed to handle utility bills, can extract data from a maximum of 10 pages per bill, and offers a reliable but relatively fixed set of information. It’s worth noting that while this may suffice for some organizations with straightforward needs, companies dealing with a more extensive number of contracts might find it restrictive. 

Advanced Version

For companies seeking more comprehensive document processing capabilities, the Advanced Version of BollettaMaster presents a compelling solution. With this version, pricing is available upon request, allowing businesses to tailor the service to their specific requirements. Unlike the Standard Version, the Advanced Version goes beyond utility bills and can extract data from various types of documents, broadening its application across diverse industries and use cases. The flexibility of the Advanced Version is further evident in its data extraction capabilities. Unlike the Standard Version, there are no page limits imposed, enabling organizations to process documents of any length with ease. Additionally, the Advanced Version offers the advantage of defining and extracting data through APIs, providing greater control and customization over the data extraction process. This level of flexibility empowers businesses to adapt BollettaMaster to their unique needs and integrate it seamlessly into their existing workflows.

…plus security and compliance

In addition to scalability and a rich selection of services, AWS is renowned for its top-notch security features. As BollettaMaster handles sensitive data during utility bill processing, security is of utmost importance. AWS employs stringent security protocols and compliance measures to safeguard data and ensure data privacy, making BollettaMaster a reliable and trustworthy choice for handling critical information. With AWS’s comprehensive security practices in place, you can rest assured that your data is well protected, minimizing the risk of data breaches and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

The strategic alignment with AWS also optimizes performance and stability. AWS’s global network of data centres ensures that BollettaMaster operates with low latency and high availability, delivering quick and consistent results regardless of your company’s geographical footprint.

Start now with BollettaMaster!

BollettaMaster is a game-changing software that brings together the power of generative AI and AWS integration to automate data extraction from utility bills. With its two versions catering to different needs, BollettaMaster can help any kind of company zeroing order entry time plus adopting a customer-centric approach, streamlined operations, and enhanced productivity. If you want to know more about BollettaMaster don’t forget to contact us: we will be happy to give you all the information you need and to keep you updated with the next exciting news!

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